Calling all CUP Alumni
CUP is looking to develop its Alumni Network

The Canadian University Press is renowned for its ability to bring student journalists together from across the country and create a sense of solidarity from our efforts. Yet while CUP excels at fostering this community within peer groups, our organization has, for the most part, lost track of our former members.

In this new era of journalistic uncertainty, it is more important than ever for aspiring journalists to forge relationships with professionals working in the industry. We at CUP want to facilitate that linkage and help strengthen our network of journalists nation-wide, and we need your help to do it.

This fall, CUP is launching a new roundtable series designed to bring student journalists together to discuss contemporary issues in the industry. By bringing together leaders from student journalism with leaders in the journalism industry, the roundtables will establish a platform where individuals can share a range of perspectives and a wealth of experiential knowledge.

From November 19-26, CUP will be hosting these roundtables in provinces all across the country to discuss the place of journalism in the days of click-bait and cutbacks. What is it that differentiates journalism from internet noise, and how can we preserve that integrity?

We’ll also be compiling and publishing our findings from our roundtable sessions. These reports will be distributed to share and showcase a cross-Canada perspective on current issues.

We need your help to connect the expertise in our local communities with the work being done by up-and-coming journalists at student publications. Please take a moment to fill out the form below to let us know where you are and what you’re doing.

In return, we want to fill you in on our other exciting plans for CUP this year. Beginning this winter, we’ll be sending out a quarterly newsletter featuring highlighted content from CUP papers and updates on upcoming events in each region, among other things.

We’ll be in touch soon about our upcoming roundtable sessions. If you’re interested in getting involved in your region, don’t hesitate to contact the appropriate regional representative:

Atlantic Region Representative: Emily Keenan |
Ontario Region Representative: Farnia Fekri |
Prairie & North Region Representative: Vacant |
Quebec Region Representative: Gregory Todaro |
Western Region Representative: Sarah James |

Let’s work together to fortify the future of journalism in Canada.

Peace n luv


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